Sunday, 18 January 2009

A year in the life

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How should we measure a year?
By months, hours or memories held dear.
By what could have been and what became
Or maybe that shouldn’t be the aim.
A year is, a year was
With all its beauty and its flaws
Ours, your and mine
So, lets not categorize it, nor define.


Munna on the run said...

In memory yet green, in joy still felt,
The scenes of life rise sharply into view.
We triumph; Life's disasters are undealt,
And while all else is old, the world is new.

Isaac Asimov

bythewindowsill said...

"a year is, a year was..."
I like that line.
and with all its failings, that year won't come back. :-)
also loved the line that trees are the most transcendent of all. so true. :-)

Anvita Lakhera said...

Thanks. Yes, time never comes back but time and a great imagination can make anything seem wonderful :)