Thursday, 8 January 2009

Dear Anonymous

You come in the dead of the night. At least it is night for us. But who knows what time zones are followed in the nether world. You come silently perhaps reassured by the late hour. Or made confident by your anonymity.

You too probably, in this time and age, use google to go searching for me in the virtual world. Perhaps because you can’t confront me without your deceptions, your facile disguises. Or maybe simply because reality is too blindingly bright.

In an earlier age too you would lie through the skin of your teeth. Your lips would tell one story and your eyes another. Perhaps you assumed I was gullible. Just because I always kept my expression neutral and my eyes blank. So, relentlessly you have and almost certainly will spin and weave your web of lies in the dark.

There is possibly a point somewhere in these words I write. And vampires may also make good friends. But somehow I can only think of how much I prefer the company of birds.

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