Monday, 12 January 2009

In Memphis, Tennessee

An absurd hen in Memphis Tennessee
has decided to take up rooster duty.
She stays awake all through the night
and starts clicking before first light.

She needs to keep London time
Looking for what I write sometime.
So, no more dreams or welcoming sleep
Well as you sow, so shall you reap!

Now who will tell this silly hen
there are more civilized ways to make amend.
A talk, a letter, maybe a little note
is enough to keep good sense afloat.

But this hen is rather stubborn I am told
won’t listen, won’t learn till she’s lost all hold
over her precious little sanity, her slighted dignity
for she is too caught up in mere futility.

Ok I’ll be the one to proffer advice.
Sleep, it’s not worth the sacrifice.
Hell may break loose; she’ll rant and curse.
I have done my good deed even if she doesn’t reimburse.

Sleep silly hen, there’s more to life.
Hurt egos are a minor blight.
May you find peace in your dreams
because your waking life's devoid of it, it seems.

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