Monday, 23 February 2009

Nice Post

Scott Adam’s in an amazingly incisive moment of clairvoyance wrote, ‘There are two kinds of people in the world: the bright attractive people like yourself who read Dilbert books, and the 6 billion idiots (Induhviduals) who get in our way.’ This combined with his other prediction that ‘Internet capacity will increase indefinitely to keep up with the egos of the people using it’ brings us to the ruling edict of an increasingly connected world too stupid for its own good- four simple alphabets placed next to each other- N-I-C-E.

Nothing is beyond the dominion of NICE. It is all-pervasive, non-judgmental and non-committal. Photographs of your friend’s drunken soirée uploaded on Facebook - nice pics!!! Photographs of human deprivation on some flickr photostream - nice pics!!! Arundhati Roy’s latest rant against Indian polity - nice article. Inane blogpost filled with juvenile humour - nice post. Documentary on Bergman’s art of filmmaking on youtube - nice. Trailer of Karan Johar’s latest offering on youtube - nice. In a world filled with NICE every human effort can be brought down to appeal to an Induhvidually arrived at level of mediocrity.

But heaven’s forbid if you ever feel the urge to ask, ‘Why is it nice?’ If ever confronted with such an emotion it is best to take a deep breath and work on Scott Adam's strategy for thriving in a future full of Induhviduals - ‘Harness the stupidity of Induhviduals for your own financial gain.’ That would indeed make all the absurdities you have had to put up with seem nice.