Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Feeling lonely?

They often compare loneliness to the stranglehold of a multi-tentacled beast. But all the while all around me I see companionship in it's various avatars bringing it down one tentacle at a time.


Deepak Singh Dogra said...


Chinmaya said...

hey great bird snaps...its lovely. I am a birdwatcher !

Btw your name sounds very familiar? Were you in Miranda House and were you associated with Spicmacay ? I am Chinmaya raja and i was a spicmacay coordinator. Right now in Chennai.

Anvita Lakhera said...

Thank you Chinmaya. You are very kind.

Yes, I was in MH and associated with Spicmacay. It is incredible that you remember me from so long ago! I vaguely remember that you were a singer too. I am in Mumbai these days. Are you on FB? Maybe we can reconnect there.

Once again thanks for leaving a just made my day :)