Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Book

Choose from the option below:
a) I like Tom Gauld a lot.
b) I like Tom Gauld very much.

'You're All Just Jealous Of My JetPack' comics by Tom Gauld, published by Drawn and Quarterly (2013) was eagerly awaited by people who love Tom Gauld's work, people who love books, people who love books with pictures and people who love books about books. It's packed full with all things associated with Tom Gauld– dry humour, unexpected literary references and pairings, whimsical imagination and sharp insights into human behaviour. Here's a small peek.

The story:

About the author:

The street the author grew up on:

The author's family:
 The (inevitable) end:

All comics are on a white background (excuse the camera phone distortions), a reason why you should buy the book.

Meanwhile, on the Facebook page, this week posts on birds (photographs) along with a poem related to each bird to demonstrate a progression in bird watching:

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