Thursday, 1 July 2010

Postcards from islands by the sea

Here is where the sky is blue! We reflect. Reality maybe deceptive.
But the truth is always true.

Home is a metaphor. A four letter word. A synonym for hope. A handful of twigs.

Everyone is equal beneath the clouds, besides the sea. The breeze that
caresses her, brushes the cheeks of he.

No one ever walks alone. There are the shadows. There is the sea. The sea.

(Mumbai, or Bombay as it was formerly known, is made up of seven islands. In 1782 the Hornby Vellard project was started to build a causeway to unite all seven islands into a single island with a deep harbour. With its completion in 1854, along with laying down of roads and the railway, Bombay became a major sea port in the Arabian Sea.)


bythewindowsill said...

woah! what lines... "home is a handful of twigs" is my favourite.

Anvita Lakhera said...

Handful of twigs...sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally and sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

Thanks for the appreciation :)