Thursday, 9 October 2008

With friends like these

Four were imbecile, two dogmatic and one had yet to see the light. These were my friends. The imbecile were the easiest to get along with. You could be a child among them and they would never judge you. With the dogmatic you had to just stand on their side of the fence and then the grass always seemed green. Albeit on the other side. It was the one who had yet to see the light that posed the biggest challenge.

For she was evidently sightless, but as yet unaware. So, she contently skimmed the surface of darkness and yielded more dark. She ran her fingers through it. Anointed her forehead with it. Immersed her whole being in it. Till darkness oozed from the pores of her skin. Brandishing the resulting shroud of darkness as an embellishment she’d argue through the night against light. You’d gently say that she had yet to see the light but the darkness would swallow your words.

She could have been an imbecile but her heightened sense of self would not let her be a complete child. Abandoned, carefree, impulsive. She could have been dogmatic but she wanted both ways to be her way. No, she simply had to see the light.

So one particularly dark night I stole her pet parrot and trained him to repeat, “I say there is no darkness only ignorance”. And patiently waited for dawn to melt the night away.


Red Soul said...

this is nice! :)

Red Soul said...

wow the title also I like, "sometimes i write, sometimes i am". makes sense!!